What is Multi Level Marketing?

Multi Level Marketing (MLM) is a business model where besides the commission you receive of the sales you have accomplished you also receive commission from the sales other resellers have done. Besides commission of the sales from resellers you found, you again receive commission from the sales resellers have done who are found by your resellers. Besides doing your sales you also search for other resellers who will sell the same product. You will motivate the resellers you find in order for them to be successful to receive as much commission as possible.

Some companies that already work with our system

Our MLM rules

As soon as you created an account you are a reseller and you can start making money. From this moment on you start receiving income from every product you sell. In order to receive commission from the resellers you find and who are beneath you in layer 2, 3, 4 and 5 there are a few rules you have to follow:

  1. You need to have a minimum of 4 paying customers live in your account in order to pay out the commission you receive from resellers in layer 2 and down. You ALWAYS get the commission paid of your own sales!
  2. All the documents we as a company need for our administration needs to be uploaded and your account must be approved.
  3. After the first month the system will charge euro 10,00 per month. This monthly fee must have been paid.
  4. You entered a valid bank account in the system.

If a reseller in the layers 2 down to 5 stops being a reseller he will disappear from the layers so you will benefit to the maximum with this system. For example, a layer 3 resellers account gets closed, this reseller will disappear and the layer 4 reseller will move up to be your layer 3 reseller. All resellers below will move up so you get the maximum profit from the system making money.

An account owner (business or private) is responsible for his own tax returns.

  • Layer 1 (this is you) You receive 25% of each sale

  • Layer 2 (Resellers you find) You receive 5% of each sale

  • Layer 3 (Resellers under layer 2) You receive 2% of each sale

  • Layer 4 (Resellers under layer 3) You receive 2% of all sales

  • Layer 5 (Resellers under layer 4) You receive 1% of all sales

If you do it right you make a lot of money!

When you are willing to put a little bit of effort into this, you can make a lot of money! Be selective in who you ask to become a reseller below you so you are not wasting your time training people that will not do anything with the system. Invest time on how the system works so you can explain it to others. Play with the system, it’s live on your personal reseller page and you can modify it from your account. Every person knows 5 to 10 companies or company owners who are willing to listen to them. Chatbots are trendy! Within the next few years everyone will have one on their website where today not even 1% has a chatbot on his website. Learn all the usp’s on the website so you know how to explain why people would want a Chatbot on their website and why they would like the chatbot above others. Attend ressler webinars to improve your sales! Follow this process and you will be successful and make a lot of money