What is Portal.chat?

Portal.chat is a full enterprise Live Chat system with chatbots and ai chatbots. Normal (static) chatbots are chatbots where you ask a question and give a few answer possibilities where the visitor must choose from. Our system has a chatbuilder that is so user friendly that you can build a static chatbot without any IT knowledge. Ai chatbots are chatbots where you can ask a question and the ai chatbot will give the right answer. These chatbots need a lot of time training and are only available in Pro accounts. We are convinced that in the next 3 to 6 years every website will have a chatbot. With the portal.chat system it is possible that the visitor can be forwarded to a live person to chat with. Experience has shown that as a company you do want to take over when it is a very hot sales lead etc.

Portal.chat also operates in some cases under the name Boomchat.

Why Live Chat and Chatbots?

More than 80% of the world population uses chat every day! If you are born after the year 2000, chat is probably your favorite way of communicating. Now that you know this, you would be a dinosaur if you still ignore Live chat as a communication channel as a business. When Live Chat is active on your website, the number of leads that flow from your website doubles from the moment you did not Live Chat.

Visitors are on your website at all times and not only during office hours. With a chatbot you give 24/7 answers to visitors who have questions. Website visitors do not read! People would rather ask a question than to search if the information they are looking for is mentioned somewhere on the website. A chatbot makes no mistakes, never takes a break. A chatbot always gives the correct answer.

Some of the companies that use Portal.chat

Portal.chat works on every website. All one has to do is put a script in the footer of the website and the system is live on the website. When the customer wants us to put the script in the website so they are sure that this is done correctly is this possible. As a reseller, you only need to create the account when you have found a company that wants the system. Portal.chat takes care of everything from the start so that you can look for a new customer or reseller. The system also has a call center solution so that a user can operate multiple websites simultaneously from 1 dashboard, this way call centers can use the system on their customers’ websites. The system is also suitable for Portal websites. A portal website is a website where several advertisers have placed an add (for example zoopla.com). Each advertiser has his own Live Chat account. When a visitor starts a chat on a particular add, this chat conversation goes directly to the advertiser. If he does not respond, a chatbot takes over the conversation so that the visitor always gets an answer.

When a company has multiple websites, it can easily add multiple websites to its account. From the dashboard you can see exactly which visitor is on which website and from which website the conversation comes in so that the right chatbot picks up the conversation or so that the user knows exactly when to talk about which product or service.

How to build a chatbot using Portal.chat?

As mentioned before a chatbot replies 24/7 to your visitors. Also when you are not behind your desk or taking a break. It might take some time before your chatbot is perfect. In most cases you build a chatbot that knows an answer to all the questions you can think of. Then when the chatbot is live on your website you will notice that sometimes there are questions that where not in your chatbot. Now people just login their account and add this question to their chatbot and the next time a visitor has the same question the chatbot will have the answer. When you follow this process for a while your chatbot will be able to give answers to all questions. Below you see a video where you can see how easy it is to build a chatbot using Portal.chat. As you will see anyone can do this!